Magic Stick

Magic Particles 2.0

Magic Particles 2.0: Magic Particles - videopost, special effects (fire, fog, clouds, fireworks, etc) Magic Particles - special effects, timeline, videopost. Magic Particles allows to create various special effects easily and quickly. Besides you can use timeline. A lot of samples of special effects are delivered with Magic Particles. You can use these samples as you wish or create your own special effects. Magic Particles allows to decorate your video or animate your graphic images. This version allows to create screensaver automatically.

Magic Thumb 2.0.67: Enlarge your website images to full-screen and navigate them with Magic Thumb.
Magic Thumb 2.0.67

Magic Thumb. Click an image and Magic Thumb will enlarge it to automatically fill the screen, sometimes known as a "lightbox". Great you say, but what happens when you want to view the next thumbnail? Well, Magic Thumb contains navigation arrows, so you can easily move back and forth between your images without having to open or close them. Simply click the arrows on the image or even use your keyboard arrows. Just a couple of the options in this

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HotKey Magic 1.3.1

HotKey Magic helps you consolidate your most frequently used programs, files, and folders, into a single launch-pad. HotKey Magic puts your favorite programs at your finger-tips with the magic key combination! Assigning hotkeys is a snap with HotKey Magic. You can drag and drop an existing shortcut into the HotKey Magic main window, assign a hotkey combination, and your through!

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Free Magic Memory Optimizer tackle crucial problems of memory management and optimize pc`s performance
Free Magic Memory Optimizer

Magic Memory Optimizer solves these problems by reclaiming lost memory for your programs. BitBitCare PC Optimize System Inc. provides users with Free Magic Memory Optimizer and Magic Memory Optimizer (full function). Free Magic Memory Optimizer is totally free, however, some functions are limited. Users who registered Magic Memory Optimizer are entitled to have a lifetime license for all its features, excellent technical support and version upgrade

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Poolstick Challenge 2.0: Get a stick safely from one side of the pool to the other!
Poolstick Challenge 2.0

Poolstick Challenge is an absolutely addictive free downloadable game. Your job is to get a stick safely from one side of the pool to the other. The stick is long and constantly rotating which makes your job a lot harder. You have to squeeze that rotating stick trough some narrow gaps so be sure to catch the right moment to do it. If it touches the edge of the pool you lose and have to start from a scratch.

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MB Moon Magick 1.15

MB Moon Magick is a simple guideline for people practicing magic rituals based on lunar magic. It gives you different correspondences between the position of the moon and its effect on magic rituals. During its transition around the Earth, when the Sun and the Moon are positioned on the opposite sides of the Earth, the moon is seen to be bright and completely round.

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Magician 1.0: Magician toolbar for Internet Explorer
Magician 1.0

Magician toolbar for Internet Explorer.Find Magician details and learn magic tricks with easy videos.See magic tricks performed.

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